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Sergio dalla Mora
He lives and works in Jesolo. He creates sculptures of any size and any material: clay, plaster cast, wood, marble, bronze. He never attended academic or artistic courses, therefore his style is free from tendencies or influences imposed by the great maestros of the past. The success of his style, which is considered as absolutely original, is certainly due to his autonomy from any school or teaching. As he has always been interested in sculpture, he began to work with marble, his favourite material, after experiencing all the other materials: plaster cast, bronze, wood and more.
He approached the world of art in his maturity, almost for fun, following the advice of his friends who had discovered his talent: he took part to a first exhibition with no enthusiasm, but, thanks to the positive results and to the encouragement of critics and observers, he decided to organizes other exhibitions, which became ever more interesting and frequent. In certain periods he even arranges an exhibition per month.
He released four monuments in public squares, and is actually planning to produce other four public monuments.
Among his works, there are several portraits, several participations to restorations, to reconstruction of missing or damaged elements, to façades of churches or monumental buildings, and several requests of producing works for holy places or in memory of beloved persons.


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